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Nanowrimo Diaries: It’s the Final Countdown

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nanowrimo: Day 24

Final countdown nanowrimoI’ve been just terrible at the whole diary thing, but it’s not because I’ve abandoned Nanowrimo. Oh no. No, no, no… In fact, I crossed the 40k line tonight (woo…!). Without jinxing myself, I am on track to hit 50k by the end of the month. And for a month that has seemed unusually stressful and busy, it will be a good victory. BUT, I’m not there yet.

A lot of great things have happened in the last two weeks. First among them, Write All Night! This was back on Day 14 to Day 15. It was a 24-hour write-in wordfest at a New Jersey community art space, organized by Central Jersey’s fabulous MLs. To be more specific, a group of about fifteen of us wrimos holed ourselves up from noon on Saturday straight through ’til noon on Sunday. There was delish food, no heat, middle of the night dance parties, floor napping, cheesy puffs for breakfast, some weird music by a band called Drum Sex, and LOTS OF WRITING. I was also sent on a mission to retrieve “a few bagels that the local bakery is donating to us…” which turned out to be about thirty pounds of bagels in trash bags that I heaved across town back to our home base. Overall, Write All Night turned out to be a great success – by the end of the write-in, I had over 10k new words, and many others wrote even more. One person in the group even hit 50k that night!

The 10k words gave me a solid buffer to get through the next week of health scares, freelance deadlines, and a trip from NJ to Seattle and back. Now it’s just slow and steady until the end.

Keep going, wrimos! It’s the final countdown (duh nuh nuh nuuuh nuh nuh nuh-nuh nuuuh).

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